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I need the original ppc edition of SUNWspro.
(special tests for my personal education / related to POLARIS)

INSTANT Payment through PAYPAL.COM / VISA card.
High price, p*l*e*a*s*e* be sure to contact me ASAP under

mb1x #AT# gmx #DOT# com

It was only available to the handful customers of Solaris2.5_ppc_BETA
and 2.5.1_ppc based RS/6000_43p boxes {I got my hands on one of those
including the 2.5.1 media kit }.
I guess a total of less than 300 so configured machines had been sold
No matter when you read this (2006/07/08...) : Please contact me!!

The only other channel through which it had been distributed from August
12th '96 to November 1996 was:


* Solaris PowerPC Edition Subscription Service
o Solaris 2.5.1 PowerPC Edition Operating Environment
o Solaris 2.5.1 Software Developer Kit (SDK)
o Sun WorkShop for C++ PowerPC Edition Early Access
o FCS upgrade to the WorkShop software
o On-line documentation
o 12 months of SupportPack Technical Support

Many thanks in advance,