Hy all,

We have developed a PAD application using C under UNIX and the solstice
X.25 9.2.

In one point of the code, we send a x.25 clear request:

X25_CAUSE_DIAG diag;
int socket, error;
diag.flags = (1 << DIAG_TYPE) | (1 << WAIT_CONFIRMATION);
diag.datalen = 2;
diag.data[0] = 09;
diag.data[1] = 00;
error = ioctl(s, X25_WR_CAUSE_DIAG, &diag);

But using the x25trace, we see that the x25 clear request packet sent
has this form:
Cause: 89
Diagnostic: 0

Why the most significant bit of the cause byte is set to 1?
Is it possible to change it?

Thanks all,