Hy all,
I would like to know your opinion about this situation:

Up to now, I have a PAD application running in a machine. This
application was developd by us using C under UNIX and the Solstice X.25
9.2 libraries. Basically, this application receives traffic from IP
(with data to process in a host) and adapts it to x.25 protocol,
sending these data to a x.25 host.
We use only one x.25 link, configured with 1000 SVC. It is quite enough
because our application (PAD) receives only a few (10-20) of calls per
second (and their durations are not too long).

Now, we want to have two applications (PADs) running in the same
machine, and SHARING THE SAME X.25 LINK.

Is it possible that the two applications share the same link?
Which consequences would I have?

Thank you very much for your help!! It is my first work and I am a bit

Best regards