Vol 110 Issue 2 2007-04-09 Article 17978 from section "OpenSolaris"

Ft. Lauderdale (Mon, April 16th), Tampa (Tue, April 17th), Orlando (Wed, April 18th)

Three Florida Open Solaris User Groups (OSUGs) will meet this month.
Scott Dickson [url
"" "(see
Scott's blog)"], a Sun Microsystems' OS Ambasssdor, will speak on
Monday April 16th in Ft. Lauderdale, Tuesday April 15th in Tampa and
Wednesday April 16th in Orlando. There will also be discussions about
the groups, how to organize, future topics etc. After the main
meeting, networking may continue at a nearby restaurant.

The Florida Open Solaris User groups offer a great ROI for guest
speakers with customers in FL and appropriate topics for the OSUGs.
Click on the OpenSolaris/Florida graphic for a poster for this
month's meeting.

Details at

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