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Vol 89 Issue 1 July 4 to July 10

System News for Sun Users
Web Edition:

Table of Contents
14750 Sun Teams with Red Hat in Support of FOSS
14694 D. E. Shaw Group Banks on Sun Technologies
14652 Sun Debuts Games Market Access Acceleration Program
14658 IDC Study Predicts Growth for Server Blades Market
14653 Sun Setting Sights on European R&D Center in Prague
14674 Sun VP Hugh Aitken Honored as Commander of the British Empire
14755 Top Ten Articles for Last 3 Issues

14696 Sun's Strategy in the Participation Age
14601 Keeping Java[TM] Technology Open, Innovative and Reliable
14492 Effective Identity Management
14617 Sun Implements Holy See's Enterprise Communications Solution

14689 Solaris[TM] 10 Operating System Self-Help Guide
14691 "Security APIs, SPIs, and Frameworks for the Solaris[TM] OS"
14693 Sun[SM] Software Express for Solaris[TM] 6/05 Software

14627 Best Practices for Sun Fire[TM] Midrange Servers
14731 Save Up to 20 Percent on New UltraSPARC[R] IV Servers
14666 End-of-life for Netra [TM] 240 and 440 1.28GHz Configurations
14665 Netra[TM] 120 Server Configurations Reach End-of-life

14684 Telecoms Rely on the Solaris[TM] Operating System
14704 Swedish Telecom Plans Integrated Multitasking Java[TM] Technology
14724 Java[TM] Technology Turbo-charges Applications for 3G Handsets
14723 Delivering Next-generation Mobile Data Services to Japan

Java Technology
14695 JCP[SM] Scores High Marks with Developers
14657 Early Draft Release of JDBC[TM] 4.0 API Specification
14622 Learn Critical New Features of the Java[TM] SE 5.0