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Vol 87 Issue 4 May 23 to May 29

System News for Sun Users
Web Edition:

Table of Contents
14545 Tenth Annual 2005 JavaOne[SM] Conference
14520 How OpenSolaris Might Change IT Business
14497 Voice Over Internet Protocol on the Rise
14444 Sun Innovation Wins New Customers
14570 Top Ten Articles for Last 3 Issues

14489 Answering Customer Concerns with Innovation
14450 Sun Labs Explores Viability of Object-Aware Memory Architecture

14558 Competitively Priced Sun Monitors
14535 Remanufactured 1.05GHz CPU/Memory Boards
14534 Graphics Accelerator with Fan Card Reaches End of Life
14557 New Sun Hardware Spare Parts Released

14527 "Meeting Business Objectives Through Unified and Simplified
14536 Sun StorEdge[TM] LTO 3 Tape Drive in LVD SCSI Desktop

Sun and Standards
14542 Long Live Open Access to Your Own Data!
14543 The First Win for Sun-Microsoft Interoperability
14544 A Standard Model for Grid Computing in the Enterprise
14559 The Standardization Library of Alexandria

Java Technology
14521 Differences Between J2SE[TM] Version 1.5.0 and Version 5.0
14507 Open Source Project Proposed for the J2SE[TM]
14522 Reference on Java[TM] Technology Terminology
14524 Java[TM] Technology Concept Map 1.0

Developer's Section
14529 Sun[TM] Studio 10 Update 1 Early Access Program
14513 Utilizing AppCrash Under the Solaris[TM] Operating System
14516 Java[TM] Tools - Easing Application Development