Vol 72 Issue 2 2004-02-09 Article 12271 from section "News"

Interoperability, Enhancement of Features Define this Latest Version

The Sun Java[TM] Enterprise System 2004Q2 is scheduled for release in
April. This upcoming version offers increased platform support as well
as availability, portal, identity, Web enablement, communications and
collaboration services.

Increased Platform Support

Additional operating system platforms, such as Red Hat Linux, will be
supported in addition to the Solaris[TM] Operating System (Solaris OS)
(SPARC[R] Platform Edition) and (x86 Platform Edition).

Sun[TM] Cluster 3.1 4/04 Software

This software (now rebranded as Sun Java[TM] System Cluster software)
will increase availability to both Solaris OS SPARC and x86 platforms by
working with the SunPlex[TM] System.


Key features within this release include Web Services Remote Portlet
Support; auto identification, classification and delivery of content and
documents; secure SSL-VPN portal access; "proxylet" support and
additional hardware acceleration; and mobile access.

Sun Java[TM] System Identity Server

Supports Liberty Phase 2 specifications, Java Card[TM] authentication
and single sign-on between Web applications and Microsoft Windows
desktop infrastructures.

Sun Java[TM] System Web Server 6.1

Offers built-in Web security and expanded support for Trusted
Solaris[TM] OS, Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS 3, Microsoft Windows 2003,
HP-UX 11i and AIX 5.1/5.2.

Communications and Collaboration

Features an integrated Web client, interoperability with Microsoft
Outlook and an integrated address book.

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