Vol 72 Issue 2 2004-02-09 Article 12270 from section "News"

Sign up for the Java Enterprise Developer Promotion

Sun developers can get a free AMD Opteron-based server when they sign up
for a three-year subscription for the software and hardware. The value
of the three-year subscription is $7000, but Sun developers only pay
$1499 per year.

The Java Enterprise Developer Promotion (US only promotion) ends June
30, 2004. Only members of the Sun Developer Network (SDN) program are

The following hardware and software are included in the special Java
Enterprise Developer Promotion bundle:

- Sun Java[TM] Studio Enterprise

- Sun[TM] Studio

- Solaris[TM] 9 Operating System (Solaris OS) for x86 Platforms

- Sun Fire[TM] V20z Server

- Support Services

- Developer monitored online forums, email-based technical support,
access to Sun's knowledge base, privileges to submit bug fixes,
90-day installation support and software updates.

Additional details on the promotion are available at:

Sun also announced the next version of the Sun Java Enterprise System,
2004Q2, which is scheduled to be available next quarter. See article
[12271] for information on this latest version.

Details at

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