Vol 72 Issue 2 2004-02-09 Article 12217 from section "Free and Open Source Software"

Improved Performance, Usability and Appearance Enhance This Latest Version

KDE 3.2 is now available with an integrated desktop and a comprehensive
set of applications. As a leading open-source desktop software solution
for Linux and UNIX[R], KDE 3.2 can be downloaded for free along with all
source code and vendor supplied and supported binary packages.

Highlights of the KDE 3.2:

- Increased performance and standards compliance: Lowered start-up
times, performance boosts, etc.

- New applications: Kopete, KWallet, Kontact and more

- Improved usability: Reduction in clutter, improved clarity and
utility on applications, dialogs and control panels

- New tools for software developers: Comprehensive API documentation
extended, language bindings expanded, new versions of KDevelop IDE
and Quanta Web development suite and a UML modeling for 11
different languages including C++, Java[TM] technology, SQL, PHP,
Python and Perl to KDE

- Enhanced appearance: New icons to improve consistency and

The KDE 3.2 team analyzed thousands of reported bugs and feature
requests and updated the program accordingly. In an interview with
NewsFactor, George Staikos, KDE developer, Staikos Computing Services,
stated that KDE's goal is "to implement the features that are needed or
wanted by users."

"KDE is improving at a very impressive rate, and we believe that KDE is
one of the most advanced and powerful user interfaces available for any
platform," said Staikos.

To download KDE 3.2, go to:

Details at

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