Vol 72 Issue 2 2004-02-09 Article 12129 from section "Sun Education Users"

Hybrid System Offers both 32-bit and 64-bit Configurations

Belgium's Notre-Dame de la Paix University, one of Europe's largest
Jesuit Universities, finds computer technology to be a vital element for
developing new research programs and evolving course content. When the
university recently needed to upgrade chemistry and physics departments'
computer systems, it looked to Sun for an end-to-end solution that met
all of the university's demands.

Because of the large number of computational functions required by the
school's computing architecture, a single computing architecture was
deemed insufficient. Research showed that an architecture that could do
both 64- and 32-bit computing would be the best choice for the
university. Specifically, the computing systems needed to accommodate:

- 8 CPU 64-bit computing with 64 GB RAM and 100 GB hard disk

- 160 CPU 32-bit computing with 160 GB RAM (1 GB/CPU) and 144 GB (18

- 2 additional CPUs with 4 GB RAM and 500 GB hard disk

Sun was able to accommodate everything the university required by
creating a mixed architecture that answered the university's multi-part
tender. A 64-bit symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) platform for
large-memory calculations runs two Sun Fire[TM] V880 servers, each
configured with eight CPUs, 64 GB of RAM and twelve 73 GB disks. High
32-bit processing speed is provided by 80 Sun Fire[TM] V60x servers
functioning as "clustered" computing nodes.

"Sun's continual collaboration and ongoing evaluation of this project
have been invaluable to us," says Professor Jean-Pol Vigneron, who
jointly manages the University's SCF. "Not only did they respect the
specs put out in the tender, Sun has advised and assisted all the way."

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