Vol 72 Issue 2 2004-02-09 Article 12233 from section "Features"

Sun Develops 3-D Windowing Solution for Linux, Solaris[TM] Operating System

Sun is developing Project Looking Glass to offer a 3D windowing
capability to users that does not stack their windows one upon another
and represent them with icons or buttons. Rather, this Java[TM]
technology solution -- with some interfaces written to deal with the X
Window System -- works with both Linux and the Solaris[TM] Operating
System (Solaris OS), displaying windows in a 3-D environment that can be
manipulated as 3-D objects.

Prem Domingo, regional technology manager at Sun Microsystems of Canada,
said Project Looking Glass will allow users to interact with
applications in an area that is more like real space. For example, users
can push things off to the side, push them behind, place things further
away from themselves and have multiple layers on their desktops, Domingo

Although Project Looking Glass is still only a concept, Sun plans to
migrate some functionality from the project into its Sun Java[TM]
Desktop System, possibly as early as a year from now, according to

The completed Project Looking Glass will work alongside applications
designed for a 2-D window system without application modifications.
Users would need a 3-D graphics accelerator, a 850 MHz Pentium 3
processor or better, and a minimum of 256 MB of memory, plus an approved
graphics card to run the solution.

Details at

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