Vol 72 Issue 2 2004-02-09 Article 12223 from section "Java Technology"

Improvements for Faster and More Secure Coding

Beta 1 release of Java[TM] 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE[TM]) 1.5
("Tiger") is now available for public download. New features include
Java language updates, monitoring and management support, and a focus on
rich clients for the desktop. The improvements are to support faster and
more secure coding.

J2SE software is used to develop and deploy secure, portable
applications that run on server and desktop systems spanning most
operating systems.


Virtual Machine

Self-tuning of the size of the Java heap has been improved. The parallel
collector has been enhanced to monitor and adapt to the memory needs of
the application.

Java Language Features

This includes autoboxing and unboxing which eliminates the drudgery of
manual conversion between primitive types and wrapper types. Other
enhancements include generics, metadata, static import, typesafe enums
and varargs.

Core Libraries

Added networking features include complete support for IPv6 on Windows
XP (SP1) and 2003 server. See the list for a link to more.

Security improvements include better support for security tokens,
support for more security standards (SASL, OCSP, TSP), improvements for
scalability (SSLEngine) and performance, plus many enhancements in the
crypto and Java GSS areas.

Improvements have been made in other areas such as:

- Integration Libraries

- User Interface

- Deployment

- Tools and Tool Architecture

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