Vol 72 Issue 2 2004-02-09 Article 12273 from section "News"

New Services, SNAP and Advanced Board Features

At Sun's product launch, CEO Scott McNealy addressed the concern many
customers have about security of computer systems by highlighting how
Sun products such as Java[TM] technology, the Solaris[TM] Operating
System (Solaris OS) and Java Card[TM] technology help prevent security

New security solutions and technologies announced:

Sun[SM] Managed Security Services

Sun Managed Security Services (SMSS) has been expanded to enable Sun and
VeriSign to deliver comprehensive, integrated network security

Reference Solution for Secure Network Access Platform (SNAP)

To build secure global government computing networks, evaluate the new
reference architecture based on best practices from Sun customers such
as the U.S. Department of Defense Joint Intelligence Center Pacific
(JICPAC), which provided the business and technical requirements
necessary to create the solution for role-based network access and
secure collaboration.

Advanced Features for the Sun[TM] Crypto Accelerator 4000 Board

The board has been upgraded so it can be configured for more security
bandwidth or for more system resources. For technical details on the Sun
Crypto Accelerator 4000 board, see article [10057].

Solaris 10 OS

Solaris 10 OS will have new security features such as Process Rights
Management, Solaris Cryptographic Framework, Minimized Install and IP
Filter (for details, see article [12269]).

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