Vol 72 Issue 2 2004-02-09 Article 12261 from section "News"

Oracle Collaboration Suite with Sun Midrange Servers Offer Single, Enterprise-Wide Email Solution

Scaling from 5,000 to more than 52,000 email users during a scalability
characterization test, Sun and Oracle Corporation proved that a single,
enterprise-wide email solution to simplify business communication and
consolidate information is plausible. These tests were conducted using
the Oracle Collaboration Suite on a variety of Sun midrange servers.

The Sun Fire[TM] 6800, Sun Fire[TM] V880, and Sun Fire[TM] V1280
systems, Sun StorEdge[TM] Arrays and Solaris[TM] Operating System
(Solaris OS) were tested with the Oracle Collaboration Suite under
real-world conditions. Results proved that more than 500,000 emails can
be managed within an hour's time with over 52,000 concurrent users. With
near-linear scalability on all Sun servers, results indicated
availability of an additional 20 percent CPU capacity on the Oracle9i
Application Server tier and more than 40 percent CPU capacity available
on the Oracle Database tier.

The Sun and Oracle collaboration provides:

- A single email message store

- Non-disruptive backup with files switching onto another node during
server maintenance, providing continual access to information (24
hours a day)

- Centralized means for data maintenance

- Secure network accessibility from multiple points

- Easy identification and quarantine of viruses

The Oracle Collaboration Suite provides users with access to integrated
email, voicemail, calendaring, file sharing, search and Web conferencing
capabilities from Web browsers and various wireless devices.

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