Vol 71 Issue 3 2004-01-19 Article 11980 from section "Publications"

A Complete Tutorial and Guide to Using the Latest Version of GCC

"The Definitive Guide to GCC" is written as a complete tutorial and
guide to using the latest version of GCC, also known as the Gnue
Compiler Collection. The book tries to go beyond command line
invocations in order to teach the reader how to use GCC to improve code
quality (with debugging, code profiling and test code coverage) and how
to integrate other GNU development tools (such as libtool, automake and
autoconf) into GCC-based development projects. The book is written by
William von Hagen and Kurt Wall.

GCC is an extremely popular tool used by developers. GCC is currently
available for most hardware and operating system platforms. As a general
purpose compiler, GCC produces higher quality, faster performing
executable code with fewer bugs than equivalent offerings supplied by
hardware and software vendors. The book provides information on how to
build, install, customize, use and troubleshoot GCC 3.2.

The book also:

- Provides a complete command reference and explains how to use the
info online help system

- Covers material not covered in other texts: profiling, test
coverage and how to build and install GCC on a variety of operating
system and hardware platforms

- Explains how to build and install GCC on Linux, UNIX[R] and Windows
systems, whether you have an existing GCC or not

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