Vol 71 Issue 3 2004-01-19 Article 12014 from section "Publications"

Introduction to the Regular Language Description for XML Core -- New Generation

The new book by Eric van der Vlist, "RELAX NG," aims to introduce
readers to the Regular Language Description for XML Core--New Generation
of the same name. The book provides an introduction to the language and
teaches readers a no-frills method for constructing XML schemas. The
books focus on RELAX NG, which should allow intermediate and advanced
XML developers to spend their time on XML document structures and
content, rather than learn the details of another complicated standard.

RELAX NG covers the following topics in depth:
- Introduction to RELAX NG
- Building RELAX NG schemas using XML syntax
- Building RELAX NG schemas using compact syntax, an alternative non- XML syntax
- Flattening schemas to limit depth and provide reusability
- Using external datatype libraries with RELAX NG
- W3C XML Schema regular expressions
- Writing extensible schemas
- Annotating schemas
- Generating schemas form different sources
- Determinism and datatype assignment

It is Van der Vlist's opinion the RELAX NG is an simpler, more reliable
and safer than W3C XML because of its basis in mathematics and focus on
validating the structure of XML documents. The book uses straightforward
examples to explain both the XML syntax and the compact in depth, and
demonstrates how to use every pattern in both syntaxes.

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