Vol 71 Issue 3 2004-01-19 Article 12007 from section "Publications"

Recipes Provide Quick Solution for sendmail Configuration Problems

Solving sendmail configuration problems is complex and unfamiliar
territory for many system administrators. This book provides "recipes"
in a step-by-step formula so these problems can be dealt with quickly
and efficiently. This 408-paged book is a must-have for system
administrators who rarely deal with sendmail configuration languages and
need a reference guide readily available when difficulties do arise.

Craig Hunt has outlined his book into a series of recipes, each
containing a configuration problem followed by a corresponding
configuration code that solves the problem. He then explains the code in
detail providing administrators with insight into their system's own
particular circumstance.

"Readers should understand that the recipes in this book are complete
solutions," Hunt notes. "A reader can literally type in the recipe
exactly as shown in the book to produce a complete, operational
configuration that can be tested as described in the discussion section
following the recipe. This means that readers can evaluate the effect
without modifying the server's real configuration."

"sendmail Cookbook" is designed so readers can go directly to a
particular recipe and have their specific problem answered. Hunt chose
this type of format because he understood how critically important time
is to system administrators.

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