Vol 71 Issue 3 2004-01-19 Article 12031 from section "Features"

Complete Package Provides Operational Efficiencies and Brand Protection

The Sun Electronic Product Code (EPC) Initiative offers services,
software and hardware -- a complete package -- that distinguish it from
other solutions for EPC applications and for the EPC Network. The
package includes Savant software, a federated service architecture that
enables dynamic provisioning of software components at run time; the
Sun[TM] ONE Integration Server (now Sun Java[TM] System Integration
Server), which acts as middleware between Savant and other applications
requiring Savant data; and, of course, the Solaris[TM] Operating System
(Solaris OS), along with the Linux OS.

Companies will need to know not only where their assets are, but also
need to share that information with their trading partners for seamless,
efficient and secure business transactions. The EPC Network is designed
to enable trading partners to track and trace items automatically
throughout the supply chain, providing businesses with an unprecedented
real-time view of their assets and inventories, wherever they are in the
supply chain, and resulting in added operational efficiencies and
enhanced brand protection efforts. The EPC Network is concerned with far
more than mere supply chain efficiencies and instead enables safe and
secure supply chains with applications that address counterfeiting,
tampering, terrorism and regulatory compliance, among others issues.

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