Vol 71 Issue 3 2004-01-19 Article 12045 from section "News"

Customers in Australia, the U.K. and China Join the Ranks of Linux Users

With new partners in Australia, the U.K. and China, Sun Microsystems
continues to consolidate its support for the growing Linux server
market, for which it has designed the increasingly popular Sun Fire[TM]
V60x and Sun Fire[TM] V65x Linux-based servers.

Sun has just demonstrated its Sun Java[TM] Desktop System to the
Australian Linux community, offering users a more affordable and secure
desktop than Windows that nevertheless functions capably in a
Windows-centric world. The open source components of the system provide
a fully integrated client environment that includes a GNOME desktop
environment, the StarOffice[TM] Office Productivity Suite, a Mozilla[TM]
browser, Evolution mail and calendar solutions, the Java[TM] 2 Platform,
Standard Edition (J2SE[TM]) and a Linux operating system.

The five-year agreement Sun has signed with the U.K. Office of
Government Commerce opens up new avenues for public sector organizations
to realize substantial savings in the purchase of desktop and enterprise
software, as well as in the outlay for licensing agreements that extend
to the Sun Java Desktop System and the Sun Java[TM] Enterprise System.

A deal Sun has arranged with the China Standard Software Co. Ltd., a
government-backed software consortium, will enable the Chinese entity to
deliver desktop products bearing its brand -- subject to U.S. export
approval -- that use the Sun Java Desktop System.

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