Vol 71 Issue 3 2004-01-19 Article 11955 from section "Publications"

Defining Classes, Exception Handling and More

For an introduction to the Java[TM] programming language, the book
"Absolute Java" by programmer Walter Savitch provides information on the
Java library, flow of control, inheritance, exception handling and more.

Savitch's book is also a useful resource for more advanced Java
technology programmers. It contains complete and fully executable code
throughout, sections highlighting programming tips and common pitfalls,
and a logical order of coverage of Java technology topics in order for
students to better understand the language. Chapters include self-tests
and programming projects.

Topics in the book include:
- Getting started with expressions and assignment statements
- Console Input and Output
- Flow of Control topics such as branching mechanism, Boolean
- Defining Classes (two chapters) cover class definitions,
information hiding and encapsulation, overloading, constructors,
static methods and variables, reference and class parameters,
arrays and more
- Inheritance
- Polymorphism and Abstract Classes
- Exception Handling
- File I/O
- Recursion
- UML and Patterns
- Interfaces and Inner Classes
- Linked Data Structures
- Collections and Iterators
- Swing (two chapters) covering event-driven programming, containers
and layout managers, window listeners, icons and scroll bars and more

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