Vol 71 Issue 3 2004-01-19 Article 12069 from section "News"

Health, Telco, Government, Financial Services -- All Sectors Benefit

During the last 90 days a number of major businesses and governmental
entities around the globe have opted for solutions from Sun and its
partners in an effort to reduce cost and complexity in their IT
infrastructure. Among these adopters are The American Red Cross, China
Unicom, DaimlerChrysler Consult Graz, Kodak Polychrome Graphics, Office
Depot and the United Kingdom's National Health Service.

The American Red Cross sought Sun's help in designing and implementing a
next-generation solution for blood bank management. The underlying
platform architecture for the application services will consist of Sun
Fire[TM] V880, V480, 280R and V120 servers running the Solaris[TM] 8
Operating System (Solaris OS), which will include Sun Java[TM] System
Cluster 3.0 software for high availability clustering in select
services' tiers.

Yet another example of benefits resulting from implementation of Sun
solutions is Infineon Technologies AG, which turned to Sun for an ERP
solution based on i2 Technologies software powered by two Sun Fire[TM]
6800 servers running the Solaris 8 OS.

Seeking to lower IT TCO, RAG Informatik -- an IT services provider --
also improved availability and scalability in migrating SAP applications
from the IBM mainframe environment to the Sun Fire platform running the
Solaris OS. The SAP hosting leader expects to reduce time for
administrative and service deployment by as much as 50 percent.

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