Vol 71 Issue 3 2004-01-19 Article 12030 from section "Features"

The Components and Infrastructure

Auto-ID technology is a product identification system based on low-cost
smart tags and readers and a unique object identification scheme.
Auto-ID technology will replace the UPC barcode labels in use today with
inexpensive Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags.

With Auto-ID, objects with RFID tags can be identified by computers so
the objects can be tracked and monitored. RFID tags are based on tiny
slivers of silicon and can be embedded into the object (product
packaging) or into the products themselves.

Auto-ID Infrastructure

As many products are tracked, the data created will require a new kind
of infrastructure consisting of computing, networking and storage
hardware and software that will help the enterprise make sense of, and
act on the data. There are four basic technologies which make up the
Auto-ID infrastructure:

- eTags: Electronic Tags

- Savant: Savant servers filter and store the EPC data coming from

- ONS: Object Naming System is a global system for rapidly converting
EPC's into addresses of PML servers

- PML: Physical Mark-up Language is XML vocabulary for describing the
physical characteristics of manufactured products, used to store
comprehensive data about manufacturers' products

Auto-ID technology can be applied to give enterprises an unprecedented
real-time view of their assets and inventories throughout the supply
chain, enabling significant gains in operational efficiencies.

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