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Vol 71 Issue 3 January 19 to January 25

System News for Sun Users
Web Edition:

Table of Contents
12063 Sun to Acquire Nauticus Networks in Q304 in All-cash Deal
12088 Sun Launches Linux Java[TM] Technology Developer Site
12089 Sun Wins with Large Data Warehouses
12045 Sun Microsystems Forges New Alliances Worldwide to Support
the Linux OS
12060 Sun's Alliance Partner Program Bolsters HPTC Solutions
12069 Key Industries Reduce Costs, Simplify Network Computing By
Choosing Sun
12087 Next-Generation Products, Roadmaps for Linux Presented by Sun

11973 Khronos Group Ratifies OpenGL[R] ES 1.0 Adopter's Package
12030 Auto-ID Technology Basics
12031 Sun EPC Initiative Provides Services, Software and Hardware
12039 Sun Labs Offers the Brazil Project

12046 Three Sun[TM] Net Talks
11930 11th Annual Network and Distributed System Security Symposium
12029 UK Sun[TM] Tech Days Developer Conference
12047 Software Development Conference and Expo West 2004
12025 Seventh Jini[TM] Community Meeting
11735 Gartner Symposium/ITxpo

11955 Covering the Basics: "Absolute Java"
11980 "The Definitive Guide to GCC"
12007 sendmail Cookbook
12014 "RELAX NG"

Free and Open Source Software
11962 Not-so-open Open Source Software
11988 Israel Aims for an Open Source Future
12008 Wget Software Package Available
12016 Sun Announces Australian Linux Community Winners

12034 Verisign Class 3 and Class 2 PCA Root Certificate Expiration
May Cause Problems
11884 Sun Fire[TM] B10p SSL Proxy Blade
11971 Precise Biometrics AB now Supports Solaris[TM] Operating System with
Its Smart Card
12024 New Service Pack Eliminates Vulnerability in Sun[TM] ONE
Web Server, HP-UX

Sun Java System
12036 Preview Sun Java[TM] Studio Standard 5 Update 1
12042 Free License to Sun Java[TM] System Identity Synchronization
for Windows 1.0

Java Technology
12040 How to Implement a Resource Adapter that is Compliant with Message
Inflow and Transaction Inflow Contracts of the J2EE[TM] Connector 1.5
12022 Students Compete at Second Wireless Java[TM] Jam
12080 Java[TM] 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition 1.4 SDK
11923 JavaServer[TM] Faces 1.0 Beta Now Available

11982 Fundamentals of Storage Area Networks Bundle Course
12059 VERITAS NetBackup 4.5 Feature Pack 6 (FP6)
12044 Sun StorEdge[TM] 6000 Family Host Installation Software Version 2.2

SysAdmin's Section
12058 "Design, Features and Applicability of Solaris[TM] File Systems"
-- A Sun BluePrints[TM] Document
12057 "Solaris Operating System Availability Features" from Sun
BluePrints OnLine
11767 Common UNIX[R] Printing System
11795 Patchdiag Tool 1.04

Entry Level Servers
11983 Sun Fire[TM] V210 and Sun Fire[TM] V240 Server Maintenance &
Troubleshooting Course
12052 EOL of 1.05 GHz Sun Fire[TM] V880 Server Systems
12053 EOL: Sun Fire[TM] V480 Server with Four 1.05 GHz UltraSPARC[R] III and
16 GB of Memory
12054 73 GB FCAL Disk Drive for Sun Fire[TM] 280R Servers

Sun Education Users
12056 Sun Java[TM] Desktop System for Education
12055 Sun Fire[TM] V480 Servers, Sun Blade[TM] 150 Workstation
Targets Education
12049 The Sun Java[TM] Enterprise System for Schools Provides Secure Portal

Java Technology Solutions
12066 FlowBuilder Version 3.0
12067 Version 4.7 of WASP Server for Java[TM] Platform

JavaOne Conference & JavaOne Online Program
12074 New Sessions Available on JavaOne[SM] Online
12076 The JavaOne[SM] Online Program: Sign Up for an Enriched Java[TM]
Technology Learning Resource
12075 Mark Your Calendar: JavaOne[SM] Conference Starts June 28

12077 EPL, Inc. Moves to Sun and Oracle, Kisses Microsoft Goodbye
12078 Nation's Largest Classified Advertising Firm Chooses Sun
12081 Dynamically Resizing the SGA in Oracle 9i