Vol 71 Issue 2 2004-01-12 Article 12013 from section "Retail"

Sun, ICSynergy and FatWire Software Contribute to the Solution

The Men's Wearhouse called on the combined resources of Sun
Microsystems, ICSynergy and FatWire Software to connect its 500 stores
nationwide, allowing employees to integrate and securely share
information on such corporate matters as employee benefits and
business-critical operational data while also leveraging the company's
substantial investment in PeopleSoft HR applications.

The intranet in place before implementation of this new solution
severely limited The Men's Wearhouse in its ability to share information
among stores. Reports had to be delivered manually using overnight
services, sent through the mail or simply emailed.

ICSynergy's reputation for expertise in the areas of portal design,
content management and retail persuaded The Men's Wearhouse to sign with
the provider, and the Sun Java[TM] Enterprise System was deemed best
suited to the retailer's short- and long-term objectives. Elements of
the Sun solution include the Java[TM] System Portal Server, Sun Java[TM]
System Directory Server, Sun Java[TM] System Identity Server and Sun
Java[TM] System Web Server.

The final element of the implementation was provided by FatWire
Software's Spark Content Management system running on the Solaris[TM] 9
Operating System (Solaris OS) on Sun volume systems, including Sun
Fire[TM] V480 servers. FatWire enables the retailer's non-technical
business managers to create, edit, review and publish information
independent of the Web team's processes.

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