Vol 71 Issue 2 2004-01-12 Article 12000 from section "Retail"

Provides Free, Personalized Assistance to Retailers

Sun and partner Retek Inc. have opened the world's first iForce[SM]
Competency Center for Retek in Menlo Park, California. The center will
provide personalized assistance to retailers for free, including
technical architecture assessments, Proof of Concepts (POCs), sizing,
tuning and other customer specific benchmarking. Sun has been working
towards the diversification of its customer base through the delivery of
industry-focused solutions that speed up customer deployments.

A major U.S. office supply retailer was able to use the iForce
Competency Center for Retek on the Sun campus to take advantage of the
experience and expertise of the team to customize a solution
architecture and save millions of dollars. The retailer was able to
lower the risk and protect the investment they were making in Retek. The
team is dedicated to designing network and system infrastructures
optimized for specific retailers and Retek.

"The iForce Competency Center for Retek serves to reduce the risk and
guesswork that often accompany new technology purchases," said Peter
Baskin, Vice President, Store Strategy at Retek. "Sun and Retek are well
aligned and committed to open, low-cost systems for retailers. We're
working on similar collaborations with the Sun iForce Centers in Tokyo
and Paris as well."

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