Vol 71 Issue 2 2004-01-12 Article 11998 from section "Retail"

Solution Based on Sun's RFID Infrastructure Software

Sun and Aldata Solution S.A. are collaborating to bring forth a solution
that will allow enterprises to seamlessly link into the Electronic
Product Code (EPC) Network to track the movement of goods as they pass
through the supply chain. The new solution should align Aldata's
G.O.L.D. software with Sun's enterprise-class RFID infrastructure
software for managing EPC events.

A proof-of-concept of this solution was successfully demonstrated in
November 2003 when a European consortium -- of which both Sun and Aldata
are principal members -- successfully delivered a traceability and RFID
proof-of-concept. Sun's RFID infrastructure is designed solely for the
enterprise and offers a dynamically federated service architecture that
puts an emphasis on reliability, availability and scalability. It also
provides improved integration for Auto-ID deployments.

Aldata's G.O.L.D software is made up of a suite of integrated modules
with the ability to be installed in phases. This allows the solution to
meet retailers' needs to seamlessly incorporate new capabilities while
integrating existing IT environments and reducing the number of business
disruptions. The collaboration between Sun's RFID infrastructure
software and the Sun Java[TM] Enterprise System offers a scalable and
healthy infrastructure that is capable of providing growth and high
availability to Aldata G.O.L.D. RFID business users.

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