Vol 71 Issue 2 2004-01-12 Article 11458 from section "Promotions"

Upgrade and Get a Trade-in Allowance

Sun is reducing the price of the Sun Blade[TM] 2000 workstation 1.2 GHz
configuration by $3,000. The workstations are high-performance machines
designed for users who need high-performance multiprocessing
capabilities, high-end 2-D and 3-D graphics and large amounts of data.
The workstation is geared toward users in many technical disciplines who
work with very large data sets on the desktop and who use visualization
applications to analyze that data.

Customers can upgrade from early Sun SPARC[R] stations, UltraSPARC[R] 1,
2, 5, 10, 60, 80, Sun Blade[TM] 100, Sun Blade[TM] 150, Sun Blade[TM]
1000 and non-Sun workstations to the new Sun Blade 2000 workstation.
Trade-in allowances can only be applied to the specified configurations
within the Sun Blade 2000 family.

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