Vol 71 Issue 2 2004-01-12 Article 11978 from section "Sun Education Users"

Ranked 29th In the United States

The Delaware Biotechnology Institute (DBI), a Sun Microsystems Center of
Excellence, is ranked 29th among academic installations in the United
States with its Sun Microsystems Inc. "Biowolf" cluster. This ranking
was announced at the 2003 International Supercomputer Conference held
this past November 15-16 in Phoenix, Arizona, listing the world's top
500 supercomputers. Internationally, DBI placed 218.

DBI purchased the 128-node dual processor computer system through two
National Institutes of Health grants. As part of a leading-edge
bioinformatics center at DBI, the supercomputer includes the computer
cluster, a database server for storing genomic and proteomic data and a
visualization studio. Plans are for it to support researchers through
the NIH Biomedical Research Infrastructure Network and Center for
Biomedical Research Excellence programs.

"Biowolf will enable us to address complex questions in the life
sciences by allowing us to model and simulate biological events," said
Karl V. Steiner, associate director of DBI. "As University of Delaware
researchers convert biological matter into digital information, we will
utilize advanced computer algorithms to search for critical information.
High-end computational power is necessary to extract valuable knowledge
from the databases."

Sun awarded DBI for its leadership in high-performance computational
biology and its potential to advance the field through research and
partnerships with other institutions in 2001.

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