Vol 71 Issue 2 2004-01-12 Article 12001 from section "Sun Education Users"

Free Online Forum for Educators

The Sun EduConnection Program is a free online forum for the education
and research community that delivers valuable information on technology
trends in education. EduConnection includes:

- EduConnection email newsletter, published every 4-6 weeks,
featuring original articles on education trends, research and
analysis, best practices and solution case studies.

- Sun[TM] Net Talks: Web-based broadcasts and discussion featuring
experts from Sun and the education community on new technologies
and solutions.

- Expert Exchanges: real-time online chats with technical experts
from Sun, providing customers with an opportunity to "drill down"
in more detail on a given subject.

- Special offers, events and pointers to other useful Web resources.

Join your peers at EduConnection:

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