Vol 71 Issue 2 2004-01-12 Article 11979 from section "Java Technology"

Article Examines Core Problems and Solutions

Sun's Java[TM] technology Web site has published a lengthy, technical
article by Norbert Lindenberg that focuses on "Developing Multilingual
Web Applications Using JavaServer Pages[TM] (JSP[TM]) Technology." JSP
technology is quickly becoming a favorite tool among Web application

The article begins by introducing JSP technologies so the reader can get
an idea of how to use them to approach internationalization issues. The
article goes on to focus on several core problems intrinsic to the
development of multilingual Web applications and looks at how to solve
them with JSP technology. This section examines locale determination and
localization, character encodings, and formatting and parsing.

Sections detail how to determine a user's preference and look at how to
handle source page encodings, Web page encodings and request parameter
encodings. Several code snippets are offered in the article, as well.

The article concludes that the JSP technologies, particularly the JSP
Standard Tag Library, offer a good core beginning for the building of
multilingual applications. The article also encourages carefully
considering a few design choices: how to determine the user's language
and locale preference, how to structure your JSP pages for localization,
whether to enforce single-language pages or use existing locale support
to the fullest, and which character encoding model to use.

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