Vol 71 Issue 2 2004-01-12 Article 12038 from section "News"

Sun Sponsors Regional Delegates Program

At the Linux conference in Australia, the winner of the 2004 national
Regional Delegates Program was announced. Software developer, Matthew
Palmer, from New South Wales (NSW) developed and managed eight software
packages for the Debian project. Sun sponsors the two-year-old Regional
Delegates Program and recognizes those who have made an outstanding
contribution to the Linux and open source development community.

Other contributions from Palmer include work on the NSW ComputerBank
project, an initiative to supply free GNU/Linux systems to low-income
individuals, community groups and disadvantaged schools. He also makes
presentations at Linux User Groups.

"The scope and breadth of projects we are seeing in the developer
community reflect the growing acceptance of open source, as corporate
Australia increasingly accepts the interoperability and
cost-effectiveness it delivers," said Sun's Director of Infrastructure
Solutions and Software, Duncan Bennet.

"The other driver, of course, is the sheer quality of the code the open
source community tends to generate, because its members bring to their
work such a broad skill base and such a strong commitment to the value
of open standards," he said.

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