Vol 71 Issue 2 2004-01-12 Article 11986 from section "Events"

February 18-20, Hillsboro, OR

The next Sun Application Performance Optimization Seminar will be held
February 18-20, 2004, at Sun Microsystems Customer Benchmarking HPC
Center in Hillsboro, Oregon, USA. This three day seminar will be given
by Ruud van der Pas, one of the performance specialists in the Sun HPC

While the seminar will focus on the UltraSPARC[R] processor family, it
will also provide information of a more general nature. The following
topics will be covered in detail:

- The memory hierarchy in RISC cache based systems

- Selected developer components: Sun[TM] ONE Compiler Collection
(Fortran and C); the Performance Library; the Performance Analyzer

- Microprocessor and server architectures

- Serial optimization techniques

- Modulo Scheduling

- Introduction to Parallelization

- Shared Memory Parallelization: Data Dependency Analysis; Automatic
Parallelization; Explicit Parallelization using OpenMP

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