Vol 71 Issue 2 2004-01-12 Article 12005 from section "MarketPlace"

Solutions Enhance Performance in the Production Environment

JCredo Java[TM] Data Objects (JDO) professional and enterprise editions
are designed to enhance performance in the production environment. A
full-featured standard edition offers developers the possibility of
using professional JDO tools free of cost throughout 2004 while
expanding the knowledge of JDO throughout the developer community.

The professional and enterprise editions of JCredo aim to boost
applications performance in both managed and non-managed environments
through the facilitated management of local and external database
caches, query cache, Lyra replicated cache and a plug-in to Tangosol

The JCredo Standard Edition includes all regular JDO 1.0 features as
well as advanced features such as built-in L2 cache, prepared statements
caching and batch execution, full support of the Java[TM] Collections
Framework API, native SQL support in queries, query extensions and
transaction flushing. JDO 2.0 advanced features, such as named queries
and attach/detach API, are included as well.

JCredo offers integration possibilities for both JBuilder and Eclipse,
which allow model enhancement and schema synchronization tasks to be
executed directly from the IDE. To test against different underlying
data stores, multiple data store configurations can be set and changed
as needed. The JDOQL feature allows users to construct and interactively
execute JDOQL queries, which can be stored as named queries in the JDO

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