Vol 71 Issue 2 2004-01-12 Article 12037 from section "News"

Software Available at Up To 15,000 Locations And Via Downloads

The Japanese computer products distributor SOURCENEXT Corporation will
offer StarSuite[TM] 7 Office Productivity Suite at several Japanese
retail locations and via Internet download. StarSuite software is the
Japanese version of StarOffice[TM] software and a core component of the
Sun Java[TM] Desktop System.

The new agreement is worth millions of dollars and is expected to reach
up to 15,000 retail locations in Japan. It also represents the largest
number of new stores to date that will carry the StarSuite software.
SOURCENEXT plans to offer StarSuite 7 software on an annual subscription
basis for 1,980 Yen (less than USD$20). This marks the first time that
either StarSuite software or StarOffice software has been available from
a retailer on an annual basis.

StarSuite 7 software will be made available through several different
expanded channels, including home electronic, convenience and book
stores. SOURCENEXT will also offer StarSuite 7 software without an
annual subscription fee. Customers can acquire the product for 9800 Yen
(less than USD$100), which the company notes is a fraction of the cost
of the Microsoft Office software.

StarOffice software is an open-source based, comprehensive office
productivity suite that runs on Solaris[TM] Operating System (Solaris
OS), Windows and Linux and is compatible with Microsoft Office file

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