Vol 71 Issue 2 2004-01-12 Article 12012 from section "News"

Membership Expands as Integrated Web Site Gives Developers More Tools

The newest on-line developer workspace available from Sun is its new
Sun[SM] Developer Network (, which features both an
enhanced program and an integrated Web site to provide sophisticated
network computing, Web Services and Java[TM] technology-based tools for
the use of individual software developers.

Administrators have logged visitors to the site from more than 190
countries with over 630,000 subscriptions to developer-specific
newsletters and a 62 percent growth in the Chinese developer base since
June 2003. More than 150,000 developer registrants have joined since
that time as well.

Sun has combined three previously separate programs -- Java Developer
Connection[SM], Solaris Developer Connection[SM] and Java[SM] Wireless
Developer Connection -- and 13 different Web sites into a single Web
location to simplify the developer experience and provide developers
with one membership: Sun Developer Network.

Over three million Java technology-based developers -- as well as
architects, testers and administrators -- profit from the enhanced
individual developer experience that enables them to use these offerings
and the new Sun Java[TM] Studio Enterprise and the forthcoming Sun
Java[TM] Studio Creator.

Another new service, 2.0, is expected to launch in February
2004 and will include the following new features:

- Enhanced Project Management

- Community Directory

- Upgraded Infrastructure

Details at

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