Vol 71 Issue 1 2004-01-05 Article 11964 from section "Sun Java System"

Learn Techniques for Handling Simple to Complex Demands

Sun is offering a Web-based course entitled the Sun Java[TM] System
Directory Server 5.x: Maintenance & Operations (formerly iPlanet[TM]
Directory Server) to instruct participants how to perform routine
maintenance and troubleshooting techniques, monitor and tune servers as
well as creating and managing multiple databases. The online lecture
format is designed for system engineers, support engineers, system
administrators and other technical support personnel.

The 180-day course encourages participants to practice using the
directory's tools presented during labs so tasks, such as searching and
modifying directory data, exporting and importing data, starting and
stopping servers and troubleshooting, become familiar. Migrating server
versions, creating multiple databases and configuring servers for
replication and tuning performance are also encouraged tasks to

Synchronized audio, lab reviews, simulations or demonstrations,
printable slides, notes, study guide and lab activity guide are part of
the features and services offered within this course.

Objectives for this course include the ability to:

- Describe the configuration directory, key files and common
utilities related to the directory server

- Search and modify directory content

- Describe access, error and audit log contents and diagnose
ldapmodify LDAP Data Interchange Format (LDIF) import errors

- Describe directory server access control and write access control
statements and more.

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