Vol 71 Issue 1 2004-01-05 Article 11868 from section "SysAdmin's Section"

Binary Compatibility Proves to be Exemplary in Migration

Solaris[TM] 9 Operating System (Solaris 9 OS) effectiveness and
compatibility were tested in a recent Sun best practices case study. The
goal was to migrate 1500 internal servers to the Solaris 9 OS within a
six-month time period with an overall objective to simplify data center
operations, reduce costs and improve service levels by reorganizing its
internal IT infrastructure.

Outlined in a December 2003 white paper article, the project
demonstrated the binary compatibility of applications across releases of
the Solaris OS, and that applications successfully launched in previous
Solaris OS environments can be migrated to updated releases without the
need for extensive testing.

Sun management knew the Solaris 9 OS capabilities could consolidate its
IT infrastructure and produce more flexible provisioning of resources so
full utilization of its system along with user service levels would
perform more effectively during periods of high user demand.

To tackle this endeavor, the project team's strategy came down to the

- Improve efficiency and minimize downtime by utilizing Solaris[TM]
Live Upgrade software and Flash Archive features

- Minimize risk of application failure by providing dual boot
capability on servers

- Improve efficiency and increase standardization of server
configurations by eliminating system administrator input during the
migration process

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