Vol 71 Issue 1 2004-01-05 Article 11972 from section "Java Technology Solutions"

Solution Scores Well Through Thirteen Graphical Tests

Digital Communication Technologies (DCT) is releasing the Amark 1.3
benchmark scores for its Bigfoot Java[TM] technology acceleration
solution. The baseline Bigfoot implementation demonstrated a strong
score, beating Sun's Connected Limited Device Configuration HotSpot[TM]
Implementation score. There was, however, a wide variance among the
individual scores obtained across manufacturers' ARM9 platforms.

The Amark benchmark tool is the most-utilized Java[TM] 2 Platform, Micro
Edition (J2ME[TM])/MIDP benchmark in the mobile phone industry. The tool
makes use of thirteen graphical tests in order to provide a complete
measure of a device's Java technology gaming performance. The DCT
Bigfoot development platform was compared with the results of the Nokia
7650 running the CLDC HotSpot Implementation on ARM9 processors clocked
at 104 MHz. The Bigfoot solution showed an average speed increase of
over 10x the rival implementation.

Bigfoot is designed to allow manufacturers to scale performance,
differentiate their solution and lower power consumption according to
specific needs. The results allow Bigfoot to use one-tenth the power and
one-tenth of the memory of the Sun CLDC HotSpot Implementation. DCT is
currently working with mobile phone and baseband manufacturers to bring
Bigfoot-enabled products to market.

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