Vol 71 Issue 1 2004-01-05 Article 11941 from section "Software"

Company Buys 10,000 User Licenses for StarOffice[TM] Software Office Suite

In a deal worth more than 20 million rupees, Sun has sold 10,000 user
licenses for its StarOffice[TM] office suite to United India Insurance,
according to Sanjay Krishnan reporting in Chennai. Sun bested Microsoft,
which had earlier sold some 8,000 user licenses of its Office solution
to India's Oil and Natural Gas Corporation.

United India Insurance plans to install the StarOffice software suite in
1,100 operating offices and 24 regional offices in the country within
the month of January 2004.

"We were using a restricted license of Microsoft Office and we were
anxious that we would not be able to enforce the license norms. But now
that a corporate license agreement with Sun is done, we don't need to
worry," a senior official of the insurance firm said.

According to Krishnan, Sun is thought to have lowered prices on the
office productivity suite to less than the standard 4,500 rupees per
unit that it typically demands in the Indian retail market. Sun
executives would neither confirm nor deny the speculation on the
pricing. Sun was represented in the deal by Chennai-based Accel ICIM, a
system integration and software solutions provider.

Sun has gained only 10 percent of the office productivity segment in
India so far, while the leader continues to be Microsoft, according to
the Asia Computer magazine.

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