Vol 71 Issue 1 2004-01-05 Article 11745 from section "SysAdmin's Section"

Sun BluePrints[TM] OnLine Article

If exploring new ways to enhance storage capabilities, consider
Solaris[TM] Volume Manager software. This software, featured in a Sun
BluePrints[TM] OnLine document, offers soft partitioning and automatic
device relocation, thus surpassing intelligent storage arrays with
hardware RAID by enhancing storage management capabilities.

Featured in Sun BluePrints[TM] Online Performance Best Practices, Sun's
Strategic Applications Engineering (SAE) group provides recommendations
for ideal use of the Solaris Volume Manager software. The article allows
system, storage and database administrators to comparatively access
their current storage management capabilities against the software.

Author Glenn Fawcett details a comparative performance study conducted
to determine the Solaris Volume Manager software's productivity against
the VERITAS VxVM 3.5. Solaris Volume Manager software and VERITAS
performance are nearly the same. Integrated within Solaris[TM] 9
Operating System (Solaris OS), no additional license fee is required.
The new features along with the upgraded distribution model make this
software feasible for storage challenged systems.

According to the SAE, the key performance best practices for the Solaris
Volume Manager software include:

- Avoid software striping
- Make software stripe width large compared to the I/O size
- Align soft partitions on stripe boundary
- Limit the number of meta devices when striping
- Avoid software RAID 5
- Increase I/O size when resyncing meta devices
- Use an 8-Kbyte database block size for Oracle data files on UFS

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