Vol 71 Issue 1 2004-01-05 Article 11959 from section "News"

Have Java[Tm] Technology, Will Travel -- Anywhere

Dr. James Gosling, Chief Technology Officer, Developer Programs at Sun,
reports on NASA's Mars mission. The following is from the Sun Web page:

This weekend I saw what has to be the coolest Java[TM] app ever. We talk
about "Java everywhere," which usually means Java technology in vehicle
navigation, imaging, control consoles and things like that. This time
"everywhere" means all of that and then some, because Java technology is
playing a big role in NASA's latest, highly successful, Rover Mission to

On Saturday night I watched as a control room full of immensely tense
geeks explode with joy as they successfully landed the six-wheeled Mars
Rover "Spirit" on the planet's surface. From there, scientists at NASA's
Jet Propulsion Laboratories (JPL) in Pasadena will get to use their
powerful, Java technology-based, ground side control system to maneuver
Spirit on the Martian terrain in what has to be the most amazing network
"video game" in history.

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