Vol 71 Issue 1 2004-01-05 Article 11954 from section "Java Technology"

Article Explains How to Customize the Generated Bindings

In the article, "Understanding JAXB: Java[TM] Binding Customization,"
author Sayed Hashimi from explains what the Java[TM]
Architecture for XML Binding software is and what it is used for today.
The article takes a look at the different methods that can be used to
customize the generated bindings. The article goes on to explain more
advanced topics such as changing the XML schema.

JAXB software is a specification that helps automate the mapping between
XML documents and Java[TM] technology objects, and vice versa. The
schema compiler tool is used to create Java technology bindings from an
XML schema document. Using an implementation of JAXB that autogenerates
Java[TM] technology bindings, a user can avoid: Writing a bunch of
classes that map to an XML document (binding), writing code to take a
request XML document and hydrate a set of Java technology objects and
creating a response XML document from a set of Java technology objects.

The article also offers sections such as:

- Why Do We Need to Consider Customization?

- Modify the XML Schema

- Inline Annotated Schema

- External Binding Declaration

- Binding Declaration Language

The article succeeds in showing that there are three techniques that can
be used to customize the Java technology bindings produced by the schema
compiler, including: modifying the XML schema document, using inline
annotated binding declarations and using external binding files.

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