Vol 71 Issue 1 2004-01-05 Article 11953 from section "Publications"

by Frank M. Carrano and Janet Prichard

Focusing on essential concepts of data abstraction and data structures,
the book outlines the strengths and weaknesses of the Java[TM]
programming language in an introductory style designed for beginners.
The authors cover key object-oriented concepts, such as encapsulation,
inheritance and polymorphism.

Based on the original "Intermediate Problem Solving and Data Structures:
Walls and Mirrors," by Paul Helman and Robert Veroff, the new edition is
composed on the original's organizational framework and overall
perspective. Technical and textual content, examples, figures and
exercises derived from the original work are used, although many
changes, additions and deletions were made to update and clarify the

The book's new updates include a completely revised code to ensure
compatibility with Java platform 1.4, 30 percent new exercises, enhanced
treatment of classes in Chapter 8 (class relationships), modified design
to enhance readability and end-of-chapter material reorganized for
greater accessibility.

The book is designed for a second course in computer science. Students
should be familiar with the fundamentals of Java. The authors' goal was
to provide students a foundation in data abstraction, object-oriented
programming and other modern problem-solving techniques.

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