Vol 71 Issue 1 2004-01-05 Article 11947 from section "Servers"

Sun Fire[TM] servers offer many features such as Full Hardware
Redundancy, Dynamic Reconfiguration, Domain Fault Isolation, Live System
Upgrades, Online Maintenance and End-to-End Data Integrity. Another
feature introduced in April 2003 is Auto Diagnosis and Recovery.

Auto Diagnosis and Recovery capabilities in Sun Fire[TM] 3800-6800
servers help detect system failures when they occur, deconfigure faulty
components out of a system and automatically restore the system. These
features combined with Sun's exclusive capability to hot-swap key
components enable online replacement of failed components without

Auto Diagnosis and Recovery Features and Functions:

Monitor System Health
- Automatically deconfigure faulty components out of a system,
reducing unplanned downtime

Automatic Diagnosis
- Detect and isolate faulty or suspect components eliminating manual
onsite diagnosis

- Provide detailed error messages for faster problem resolution and
faster time to service

- Detect potential CPU cache failures and offline affected CPUs

- Detect potential memory chip failures and automatically migrate
data from a suspect memory address range

Minimize Service Interruptions
- Detect and recover from hung domains

- Automatically run POST diagnostics at more detailed diagnostic levels

- Automatically restore domains

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