Vol 71 Issue 1 2004-01-05 Article 11806 from section "Servers"

Certain Internal Server Options and Optional Expansion Backplane

EOL of Certain Internal Server Options

The DDS-3 internal server options, DDS-3 Flexipack and DDS-4 internal
server option for Exx00 servers will end. (Note: Exx00 servers are Sun
Enterprise[TM] servers where xx replaces numbers such as 3500, 4500,
5500, 6500 which have been EOL'd.) The last order date is February 13,
2004. Support will be available for five years after the last order


The DDS-3 Flexipack is replaced by either the DDS-3 Unipack or DDS-4
Unipack. (DDS-4 drives can read and write to DDS-3 cartridges.)

DDS-3 and DDS-4 internal server options have no replacements for any of
the discontinued servers.

DDS-3 server option for the Sun Fire[TM] V880 servers and the Sun
Fire[TM] V880z is replaced by the DDS-4 server option for these servers.

EOL of Optional Expansion Backplane

With the introduction of the Sun Fire[TM] V880 server optional expansion
backplane with 6x146 GB disks, the optional expansion backplane with
6x36 GB disks is being discontinued. The new expansion backplanes are an
added storage capability and in a more cost-effective solution. The last
order date is March 05, 2004. IBB Has a disk upgrade plan covering all

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