Vol 71 Issue 1 2004-01-05 Article 11951 from section "Publications"

By Connor McDonald

The goal of the book, Mastering Oracle PL/SQL, by developer Connor
McDonald is to teach readers how to code PL/SQL well. Not a tutorial,
the book offers real-world examples and strategies to maximize the
benefits of PL/SQL for DBAs who are implementing data handling, security
and database administration mechanisms in the Oracle database.

PL/SQL effectively handles relational and abstract data. The book covers
the use of PL/SQL packages and triggers to implement effective security
mechanisms. Other topics in the book are:

- Dynamic Web content presentation from within the database

- Creation of a DBA toolkit to automate recurring administrative

- Effective debugging techniques

- How to write code that will run quickly and won't break in high
load, multi-user environments

The book is geared toward those already familiar with the PL/SQL
language. It can also be used by developers whose applications rely on
an Oracle database and who need a sound understanding of how to use
PL/SQL effectively.

Author Connor McDonald is a developer of client-based code and has
worked with Oracle Forms and server-based code. He is also a speaker on
Oracle technologies and has a Web site with tips.

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