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Vol 70 Issue 2 December 8 to December 14

System News for Sun Users
Web Edition:

Table of Contents
11801 Sun's Acquisition of Waveset to Bring Identity Management
Capabilities to Sun
11784 Cost Savings of Sun Java[TM] Desktop System Appeal to UK Government
11802 Retail Banking Reference Architecture from Sun & Infosys Test Results
11813 Sun Fire[TM] V1280 Proves Efficient and Cost-Effective for Nortel
11791 Caveo Builds AccessAnywhere Appliance on Sun SSL VPN Technology
11792 Vodafone Chooses to Display Java[TM] Technology-based Games
11768 Sun Names Winners for Contributions to Linux, Open Source in Australia

11744 SANS Biscayne Bay 2004
11738 HIMSS Conference & Exhibition
11749 CTIA WIRELESS 2004

11758 Sun Java[TM] Identity Server 6.1 Offers New Identity
Management Features
11766 StarOffice[TM] 7 Office Productivity Suite Debuts in India
11800 Beta Program Participants Sought for StarOffice[TM] 7.0 Calc
Application Add-in for Hyperion Essbase

JavaOne Conference & JavaOne Online Program
11775 New Sessions Available on JavaOne[SM] Online Program Site: From Open
Source to Gaming
11753 December Theme: Java[TM] Technology Products and Solutions
11754 The JavaOne[SM] Online Program: An Enriched Java[TM] Technology
Learning Resource

11649 Sun, AMD Execs Discuss Agreement to Build Opteron-based Sun Systems
11743 Sun Introduces Two New Netra[TM] Server Motherboards
11759 SX2500 Board for Graphics-intensive Applications

Entry Level Servers
11583 New Configurations for the Sun Fire[TM] V1280 Server and
Netra[TM] 1280 Server
11751 Netra[TM] CT 820 Blade Server
11761 Sun Fire[TM] V60x and Sun Fire[TM] V65x Servers Now Support
Intel 3.2 GHz CPU
11702 Site Planning Guide for Entry-Level Servers Version 1.3

Developer's Section
11517 Developers Web Site Continues Improvement
11770 Developer Web Camps Available on Audiocast
11771 Sun Java[TM] Studio Creator Undergoes Test Run

11729 Sun, Red Hat Move to Embed Native Management Tools into Solaris[TM]
Operating System, Linux
11785 Sun StorEdge[TM] 6120 Array Available In New Configurations
11786 Brocade Fabric Manager 4.1

11734 Sun Blade[TM] 2500 Workstation: More Memory & Faster Storage
11577 80 GB Hard Drive Now Standard on Sun Blade[TM] 150 Workstation
11787 Sun[TM] XVR-600 Graphics Accelerator Technical Details

11624 Upgraded MPO Kits for Sun Fire[TM] 12K-15K Servers
11731 Sun Fire[TM] Visual Grid Solution Installation and User's Guide
11756 Sun Java[TM] System Web Server, Sun Fire[TM] Server Licenses
Offered at Discount
11763 Sun Java[TM] System Messaging Server 6.0 Has Host of New Features
11762 Sun Fire[TM] Visual Grid System Builds on Sun Fire[TM] Servers

11798 AmberPoint Express for Java[TM] Technology-based Web Services