Vol 70 Issue 1 2003-12-01 Article 11719 from section "Partners"

Solaris[TM] Operating System, Sun Fire[TM] 15K Servers Cut Monthly Costs

Semiconductor manufacturer Infineon has consolidated its supply chain
management (SCM) and data warehouse solutions on the Solaris[TM]
Operating System (Solaris OS) running on two 32-processor Sun Fire[TM]
15K servers. Sixteen CPUs are available for development and test
systems. Infineon estimates average monthly savings of EURO 30,000 as a
result of this implementation.

"This consolidation has enabled us to achieve significant cost savings,"
according to Karl Pomschar, Infineon Technologies' Senior Vice President
and CIO. "We have thus increased performance by a factor of four, while
reducing costs by the same factor."

All the processes involved in the logistics chain are encompassed in the
SCM system, including quantity and capacity planning, disposition and
input/output control in manufacturing. Furthermore, the hardware
architecture can be easily scaled to accommodate future growth.

The next IT project in the pipeline is a globally standardized Order
Management System, due to be implemented by 2005. This will guarantee
24x7 system availability, as well as globally automated order

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