Vol 70 Issue 1 2003-12-01 Article 11727 from section "Software"

Customers Benefit from New Features
Sun is adding several updates to its Solaris[TM] Operating System
(Solaris OS) as well as new support for the Trusted Solaris[TM]
Operating System (Trusted Solaris OS). Sun is also touting the
improvements found in the latest Solaris OS distributions such as
performance improvements, increased security and breakthrough diagnostic

Sun has recently inked agreements that allow the company to offer the
Solaris OS on the 32- and 64-bit AMD Opteron processor-based platform.
Customers can now benefit from a strong, widely supported platform
alternative running on SPARC[R], Intel and AMD Opteron processor-based

The December Solaris OS distributions will include:
- x86 Performance Optimization
- Advancements in Network Performance
- Enhanced Security
- DTrace Advanced Tracing
- Network File System version 4 (NFS v.4)

These new features will all be offered to customers via the Sun Software
Express, an early access program that gives subscribers regular monthly
installments of software code in advance of release. The program allows
customers to develop, test and optimize applications to allow for faster

New features in the fifth update to the Solaris 9 OS for SPARC and x86
platforms include secure provisioning and booting, change management via
the Internet and more. The newly debuted Trusted Solaris OS for the
SPARC and x86 platform includes support for additional Sun hardware such
as the low-cost Sun Fire[TM] V60x and Sun Fire[TM] V65x systems and the
Sun Fire[TM] V250 and Sun Fire[TM] V440 SPARC systems.

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