Vol 70 Issue 1 2003-12-01 Article 11716 from section "Features"

Facility will be Located in Scotland

Sun plans to open an European Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) test
center in Scotland. The 12,000 square foot facility is designed to help
European-based companies test their RFID solutions, allowing them to
ensure compliance with regulatory standards. The test center should open
by February, 2004. RFID has become increasingly popular as enterprises
all over the globe recognize its potential to reduce supply chain costs,
increase operational efficiencies, speed delivery time and minimize
theft and waste.

The European-based RFID Test Center will help companies with various
types of RFID testing -- from tagging their products, to getting
information integrated into their back-end systems and sharing the
information with their supply chain partners. RFID technology is
Electronic Product Code (EPC) compliant and used for identifying,
tracking and tracing deliveries and inventory. Companies using the
technology benefit from immediate ROI through the reduction of
out-of-stocks, decreases in shrinkage, lower labor costs, lower
inventory costs and the ability to trace products back to their origin.

The Sun RFID Test Center will use the Solaris[TM] Operating System
(Solaris OS), Sun Java[TM] Enterprise System software and the Sun
standards-based implementation of Savant.

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